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"Dow's stance is hypocritical: recoge los beneficios de UCC pero se niega a aceptar sus obligaciones”reaps the benefits of UCC but refuses to accept its obligations"
Audrey Gaughran, activista Amnistía internacional Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International activist

Se llama Hazrabi, tiene 57 años y luce unos ojos honestos, que camufla en unas gafas que bien podrían ser de intelectual, de los que cuesta apartar la mirada.It's called Hazrabi, is 57 years old and honest eyes, which camouflages under eyeglasses that could well be from an intellectual, of which looks difficult to look away. 

Habla sin pausa, recalcando con el movimiento de sus manos lo que describe como indignación. Talks without pause, emphasizing with the movement of his hands what he describes as indignation. SheApenas permite hablar a sus compañeras, quienes en silencio asienten ante sus palabras. barely lets you talk to her companions, who silently nod at his words. Habla claro: indemnizaciones no recibidas, prófugos millonarios, gobiernos corruptos, multinacionales miserables y víctimas inocentes, ¿te suena familiar? Speaks clearly: no compensation received,  fugitive millionaire, corrupt governments, miserable and innocent victims from multinationals, Sound familiar?El pan nuestro de cada día en el calendario neoliberal. Our Daily Bread in the neoliberal calendar.

El 3 de diciembre se celebra el "Día Mundial del No Uso de Plaguicidas", y quizá tú te preguntes por qué este día y no otro;The 3 December is celebrated the "World Day of No Pesticide Use" and maybe you might wonder why this day and not other; ese mismo día hace 30 años ocurrió la tragedia de Bhopal. that day 30 years ago the Bhopal tragedy took place. Si tú siguiente cuestión es ¿qué es eso de Bhopal? If you next question is what is that of ¨Bhopal¨? Esta es la historia. This is the story. Y si ya te la sabes, recuerda con nosotros una de las mayores injusticias que jamás ocurrieron, una muestra más de cómo el poder fue robado al pueblo ya sus gobiernos, para pasar a manos de corporaciones; And if you already know it, recall with us one of the greatest injustices that never occurred, another example of how power was stolen from the people and their governments to pass into the hands of corporations; nada nuevo, quienes impunes abarcan y avasallan sin mayor límite que el de su camuflada cuenta de pérdidas y ganancias. nothing new, unpunished and without higher limit than their camouflaged profit and loss accounts. Nadie protege a las personas ante ellas, estamos indefensas, desamparadas y vendidas. Nobody protects people against them, we are helpless, helpless and sold.

La madrugada del 2 al 3 de Diciembre de 1984 la población de Bhopal, ciudad situada en el área central de India, descansaba después de una noche especial que tristemente nunca olvidarán.The night between the 2nd and 3rd of December 1984 the population of Bhopal, a city in the central area of ​​India, rested after a special evening which will sadly never forget. Ese día se celebró un encuentro de poetas en el que participaron jóvenes, niños y niñas en un evento por el desarrollo cultural de la región.That day, a gathering of poets in which young children participated, as an event for the cultural development of the region was held.La desgracia escrita en verso. Written misfortune in verse.

La mayoría dormía como en una noche cualquiera, cada uno con sus sueños, algunos parecidos a los tuyos oa los nuestros, y entonces apareció una de las sustancias más tóxicas jamás creadas por el hombre, el isocianato de metilo, comenzando ahí la pesadilla: ''...estaba durmiendo y sentí un picor muy intenso, notando polvo irritante por todo el cuerpo...'' El maldito químico provenía de una fábrica de pesticidas propiedad de la empresa norteamericana Unión Carbide y del gobierno indio.
Most slept like on any given night, each one with their dreams, some of them similar to yours or ours, and out of the blue one of the most toxic substances ever created by man, methyl isocyanate, appeared starting a nightmare “...I was sleeping and felt an intense itching, an irritating dust throughout the body...''. The dammed chemical came from a pesticide plant owned by the American company Union Carbide and the Indian government. Without a unanimous theory to clarify the reasons for the disaster, there are clear data showing negligence in different checkpoints of security on the ground. The night of the disaster, six safety measures designed to prevent a gas leak did not work well, were disconnected or were inadequate. TheDespropósitos de la avaricia. absurdities of greed. .

Forty tons of lethal gas ran away freely through the cracks of the factory and began to camp by the doomed city. Upon contact with the atmosphere, the released substance is decomposed into different gases forming a lethal cloud denser than air, running at ground level throughout the city. 8.000 muertos en una sola noche. 8,000 fatalities in one night. Many choked almost immediately in their beds, while dreaming. Gases burned the eyes and respiratory tract of many other thousands , while others, in a desperate attempt to flee the city-cemetery died in accidents caused by despair and blindness, in a representation of Saramago´s essay, as macabre as faithful to the script. The tragedy had done nothing but begin. 12,000 died in the first week right after the disaster. 150,000 were permanently disabled, maimed or diseased chronically. It is estimated that over 600,000 people were affected, and not to break the tradition “... most of the victims were very poor, illiterate people without resources''. That morning extreme poverty became solemn one.

Not only humans inspired oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Thousands of cattle, the main source of livelihood for the families of Bhopal, died that fateful night in which neglection became a weapon of mass destruction.

The multinational Union Carbide factory abandoned the factory as would have done with the child who broke a vase, leaving behind a huge amount of harmful substances, and the people of Bhopal with a supply of contaminated water and a toxic legacy that still causes damage;''...mucha gente aún continúa sufriendo, muchos quedaron ciegos, otros no pueden andar. ''...many people are still suffering, many were blind, others can not walk. Young women never got to have children, such a tragedy here in India. Their husbands abandoned them "left marginalized forever''.

Woman + India + Poverty, damning algorithm whose solution is discrimination and repudiation, if we add an external factor as this chemical disaster, the result is the absolute exclusion.

Union Carbide disguised as  Pilate washing his hands, and attributed the whole responsibility to its Indian subsidiary. This one looked away, finding there the government of India, scared, cornered, who sent the matter to the US as commanding dirty clothes to the laundry around the corner; ''...the government of India is as guilty as Union Carbide, he allows this and other companies working in India without worrying about what they do, "…politicians do not care about people. ''

Here's the trick to offshore companies to impoverished countries, you pay almost nothing to the workers, a couple of million to government officials, and then security measures are optional; en caso de fallo o error, si te he visto no me quiero acordar. in case of failure, if I saw something  I do not want to remember.

A year later, Warren Anderson, chairman of Union Carbide, visited the factory and was arrested by the Indian authorities. Does it smell like justice here? check your nostrils. The boss pays 1.672 Euros and leaves the country with the ease that only rich can afford. Nobody wants to know anything about him, and the US Justice transferred the case back to India in a game of ball-boom, version "intercontinental catastrophe".

Said Giovanni Rana "the secret is in the dough" and in 1989 the Indian government reached a settlement with the company for compensation totaling $ 470 million. Between 370 and 533 dollars per victim were calculated, the estimated price of life for someone poor in India. No one is satisfied with the suspicious agreement, and many victims are still demanding that never received it: "... many people received nothing, no compensation, they  built a hospital, but when you go there they ask you for money. You need an¨ affected card¨ to access their services, many have no card, and to get it you must have been born before 1982, what about those victims who suffer despite being born then? Nobody cares about them.

For widows 2,400 houses were built; some were not finished, others were poorly distributed, have no light or running water. Offsets "were not enough for all the damage they have done to us''.

In an extra twist the already harsh history in 1999 Union Carbide announces its merger with Dow Chemical, who forgets that when purchasing a new company not only buys their assets but also their obligations. Prosperous in business, and a leader in nastiness. Dow Chemical has an annual turnover of $ 24,000 million (does your remote work with Energizer batteries? Congratulations! You are doing a little richer such an illustrious company), but... what about Bhopal? Shut up man! fuck no more.

From left to right, and top to bottom: Nasreen (34 years), Shehzaadi (59), Balkrishn (58), Navoab (70), Namdev (52), Hazrabi (57) and Chahat (22) wonderful rock of the Bhopal Trust Association, thank you for your time and truth.
And almost silence. Despite the efforts of activists and organizations, Warren Anderson still lives in his mansion in New York, while the population claims a decent compensation and above all, justice. They believe in a world where those who get rich not show shyness, take responsibility, accountability and pay for their greed and ruthlessness, but this world is not of that kind. Calling for a truth Commission, as known as disrespected ''...they are murderers and they have to be in prison, should be punished''. Justice does not heal the wounds but decreases pain ''...we would be much happier seeing the perpetrators behind bars''.

The conscience of nations revolted a little and the United States amended its legislation on chemicals and their codes of good practice. Some papers barely wet to prevent the death of about 15 people a month, due to exposure to toxic gases. 30 years after "Our true desire is not only to receive the promised compensations; but to be listened so this doesn’t happen again. ''  

The people of Bhopal keep clamando por justiciaclamoring for justiceIn India, criminal proceedings against Warren Anderson are pending. A public interest litigation, in which the proper cleaning of the area and other rehabilitation measures are requested, ''...the government seeks only our silence, but they will not achieve until justice is done, we will keep fighting. ''

While in Bhopal, every night of the 2nd of December people light their candles, and pray for their dead, parading their cries for justice, hope that finally someone hears them. That is what Hazrabi is looking for, who wrapped in her elegant burgundy sari tells us that her child was among the dead. They are victims screaming for a denied justice. Their cries are no regrets, are cries for dignity.

The end (or not…)

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