miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014


Distrito Pachanga is in da building!!!! Well, not exactly in the building but in the countryside, the suburbs, the bumpy-crunchy-rocky roads and every downtown from Vietnam to Spain.

Pachanga, in Spanish, means “informal match”, to meet some known and unknown friends and play for fun -no titles, no cups, no losers, all winners- which is our art now. We travel, we take the ball and we go, looking to play some street football in every corner of the map.

The trip plan includes two basic rules:
1st to forget about fumy airplanes, so we need to improvise how to move on –bike, cycle, van, hitchhiking, train, boat- and thankfully, we can take a look on everything, realizing how the people´s way-of-living change, country after country.
The 2nd rule is to avoid any long-term plans; We sleep here today, and tomorrow we´ll ask the sun.

The website mixes socio-politics, travel diaries, photo, clips, testimonies and football (wtf?!).

Football is simply an excuse to travel and learn about the others, to explore in different cultures and to light up human stories of men and women –mostly women- who are fighting for their rights, for their freedom, for our support.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Nepal… many places already visited and hundreds of magic friends we met up inside the pathway. For them this anglo post, for all those who still complain about our IN-SPANISH website, for those who build up distritopachanga.com with their love and head-kicks.

Pachanguers, enjoy the pics, dance the videos and keep on smiling, hakuna matata!

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